Where to Buy Kenmore Vacuums & Types of Kenmore vacuums

Kenmore is a major brand of home appliances worldwide. All their products are high-quality, durable, efficient, and affordable. So, at some point, every household tries to get their products. The biggest problem is that Kenmore appliances are not easily accessible, especially in non-US countries. As a result, the most common question asked online is “where to buy Kenmore vacuums?” Fortunately, this article will discuss the different types of Kenmore vacuums and where to buy Kenmore vacuum cleaners.

Types of Kenmore vacuums

Kenmore is a major brand, so they produce various types of vacuum cleaners in the market. If you look at the Kenmore catalog, chances are you will find at least one product that catches your eyes. Generally, Kenmore produces the following types of vacuum cleaners:

Upright Vacuums

Kenmore produces several models of bagless upright vacuum cleaners. All these products have a high suction power and come with several useful attachments. You can use the gentle brush with variable speeds to clean all types of floors like carpets and bare floors. In short, Kenmore upright products are surely the best vacuum cleaners for hard floors.

Canister Vacuums

Kenmore canister vacuums are the most powerful of them all. They come with a large hose and several accessories to rid your home of pet hair, debris, and allergens. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners are commonly used for commercial purposes.

Stick & Handheld Vacuums

Kenmore stick and handheld vacuum cleaners are usually cordless and battery-powered. These vacuums are very easy to maneuver and use on multiple surfaces, including stairs. Moreover, the stick vacuum can be converted to a handheld or upholstery vacuum cleaner.

Robot Vacuums

Kenmore robotic vacuum cleaner is one most advanced products in the market. The robot vacuums are automatic devices with self-maintenance features like self-recharge, brush cleaner, and dust cup cleaner. Furthermore, a single robot is suitable for cleaning multiple surfaces without any alteration.

Where to buy Kenmore vacuums?

Where to buy Kenmore vacuums

Kenmore is an American brand of several home appliances, including vacuum cleaners. So, their products are easily available locally in the US. However, if you live outside the united states, you can only purchase Kenmore vacuums online. The best part is that some websites even provide Kenmore products at a discounted price. So, where to buy Kenmore vacuum cleaners?

In-store and online options

Online options


Kenmore is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the USA. All their products are highly reliable, premium quality, and budget-friendly. However, their products are locally available in the US. This article answers the question of where to buy Kenmore vacuums for those who want to purchase a Kenmore vacuum cleaner.

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