Privacy policy

VacuumCrunch is delighted to welcome you! We respect your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy explains what information we may obtain from you, about how we might use it, and how you may claim your rights as a copyright owner.

  1. VacuumCrunch treats your information with care, in compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements, including the European Parliament and Committee’s regulations, the Legislation on the protection of personal data and the adjustment and modification of certain acts as amended.
  2. This Privacy Policy was last updated on Jun 27, 2021.  The most recent edition is always available on this website. We will take measures to alert you if we make drastic changes. This Privacy Policy applies to any private data processed by VacuumCrunch throughout the supply of services and including personal information held from readers to the corporation’s website and social media pages.
  3. This Privacy Policy solely applies to VacuumCrunch’s data acquisition. The Privacy Policy does not cover the privacy practices of third parties, and we are not accountable for them.


  1. VaccumCrunch grants 2 types of data from you, Personal data and technical data.
  2. VacuumCrunch gathers your personal information in many different methods, subscription to a newsletter on the website, and via the help page. The following personal information from you may be collected and processed by us: Your name, the name of your company or workplace, your e-mail address etc.
  3. When customers visit or contact with our services or site, we or our approved platform providers may gather technical information routinely. Technical data may include, for example, the browser name, the type of computer or smartphone used, the period spent on social networking sites, interactions with the offerings, the URL of the web page you attended pre and post using the services, the place and location of user visits, social exercises, Destination IP, os version, and other relevant information.


VaccumCrunch also uses cookies when you visit our blog. Cookies are the negligible data stored locally in your smartphone or PC when you surf our site.


The holder of your personal data is VaccumCrunch and we are accountable to you in case your data gets leaked or misused from our forum.


We only disclose your personal information inside the VacuumCrunch organization and the associations to which VacuumCrunch belongs. Unless there is a problem, we do not disclose your personal information with anybody outside of VacuumCrunch and the group of associations to which VacuumCrunch belongs.


We take all necessary and suitable security precautions to safeguard Vacuumcrunch and our visitors’ personal data against data theft, modification, release, or erasure. Encryption, filters, protected facilities, and access control systems are all possible measures.

Should a security breach occur despite our safety measures that are likely to have an adverse impact on your privacy, we will notify you as soon as practically practicable. You can contact us anytime if you have any queries.