A simple piecemeal guide about how to use a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is sufficiently well known among its competitors on the market. This vacuum cleaner is suitable to use, and the result is beyond all expectations.

To short answer the question of how to use a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier, let’s provide a piece of additional information about the working principle of the rainbow unit and air purifiers.

How to use a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier
How to use a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier

What is a Rainbow vacuum?

The Rainbow is a unique company for its invention: they are the first who start to use water as a filtration system in their vacuums. This invention is called a rainbow cleaning system.

How does a Rainbow vacuum work?

When cleaning, the vacuum hooves the floor with a power nozzle that gathers all dust, then dust is absorbed into the unit and falls through a fine screen into water. The fine screen holds large particles of dust not to allow falling into the water and release back into the air.

Seven parts of Rainbow vacuum cleaner

  1. water basin
  2. motor
  3. pre-motor filter
  4. post-motor filter
  5. separator
  6. fan cover
  7. exhaust pipe

Which type of filter is used in Rainbow vacuum cleaning?

The Rainbow vacuum has a special filter with a water basin below, which helps to clean the air room of allergens like dust particles, and your breath will be free.

A rainbow cleaning system
A rainbow cleaning system

But there is one option, you should not use vacuums as air purifiers. Because the motor inside the vacuum is loud and noisy, you cannot use it in any office space.

Does the Rainbow vacuum have a HEPA filter?

Many people suffer from multiple allergies, which may contain dust, unpleasant odors, and any allergens particles that cause diseases. And Rainbow vacuum has a special unit called a HEPA filter. It restores balance and helps remove toxins, eliminate unwanted situations, solve problems, and provide better sleep.

What is a HEPA filter?

This is a special development that allows it to trap dirt better. It makes your wet cleaning twice as effective in removing any dirt from your floor or carpet than a usual vacuum machine with only one filter cleaning system. It is especially useful for allergic people due to its possibilities.

Things you should know about air purifiers

How does the Rainbow Air Purifier work?

The Rainbow vacuums have a quality, unique filtration system using a water basin rather than a canister or bag, and the cleaning system concentrates on removing dust and bad odors that lead to fresh indoor air. When doing your housework, an air purifier vacuums up dust and dirty air, and then they are trapped in the water. It does not blow the air back, so freshness remains for a long time.

How do you use an old Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier?

Rainbow company has been producing vacuuming models for many years, and an authorized Rainbow distributor claims that the Rainbow unit is functional to use as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

To use a Rainbow vacuum as an Air Purifier, you should pull off the power nozzle and the hose from the machine. Then turn on the power, and here it is: you are using a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier.

How often to change the air purifier filter?

The durability of the filters will differ depending on the type you have. Permanent filters do not need to be changed, but they should be cleaned regularly to eliminate any accumulated particles.

How do I reset the filtrate in an air purifier?

After changing a filter, it is necessary to reset a filtrate function. To do it, pull out the front panel from the unit gently. To change the filter, you will find only one button. Hold it for a second, and it will toggle in between both filters, carbon or HEPA, to choose and reset them. Finally, press and hold the button switch for 3 to 5 seconds, producing a beep sound, then the light will shut off.

Do air purifier removes dust and odors?

Yes, it can do it by removing the smell of circulated indoor air.

Advantages and disadvantages of using rainbow vacuum as an air purifier

The advantage is in using the water despite a filter to clean, and it allows to change a filter rarely. In addition, the use of water better keeps your house clean so do carpets and the floor.

The disadvantage is its noise and the difficulty of using it on stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put essential oils in your Rainbow vacuum?

Of course, you can put any scent you like. One drop of oil is enough to make the scent lasts for a few hours.

Which type of essential oil is appropriate?

You can use any scent of essential oil you like, but the company recommends using 100% pure vegetable or mineral-based essential oils in a vacuum instead of essential oils derived from animal products because they may clog the air filter and damage the motor of the machine.

What should I put in my vacuum to disinfect the air?

It is recommended to use either a RainbowMate or a RainbowFresh to make disinfection the air. Try not to use any other products if they aren’t designed for use through an air purifier.


All in all, the Rainbow vacuum is a great tool to have around the house – it does not only clean your floors but can also act as an air purifier. So if you’re looking for a way to protect yourself and your family from any harmful debris floating around, investing in a Rainbow vacuum is definitely the way to go.

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