How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner? The Best Buyer’s Guide of 2022

The biggest mistake that many people make when buying a new vacuum cleaner is a lack of research. According to a report, 80% of people buy products just because they see an impressive price tag. However, in order to make an intelligent purchase, there is so much that you need to consider. Therefore, this article will help you with how to choose a vacuum cleaner and be happy about it.

Evaluate your requirements:

Evaluate Your Requirements - VacuumCrunch

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of what you want from it. This is very similar to the self-evaluation you do before choosing a laptop or a mobile. For instance, there are many models of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Each of them is suitable for a specific scenario. Some are good for small households with no children. While others are the recommended vacuum cleaners for pets in the house. Therefore, we recommend that you should be aware of your requirements:


Area to be cleaned

This is the biggest factor that you should consider before choosing any product. Some vacuums are designed for smaller places. These vacuum cleaners are powerful but don’t come with a proper cooling system. As you know, larger rooms need to be vacuumed continuously for an extended period of time. So, if you try to vacuum a large room with a small vacuum cleaner, chances are it will overheat very quickly.

Similarly, purchasing a large vacuum cleaner for a smaller room is also not intelligent. Though it offers higher power and can be used for longer, such vacuum cleaners are expensive. Therefore, you should know the area that you need to vacuum and buy a product that suits your requirements.

Type of debris

The type of dust, garbage, and debris that you need to clean regularly also affect which vacuum cleaner you should buy. For example, a household with infants faces smaller particles of debris beside the smaller toys lying around. Your infant child will be throwing pieces of food, wrappers, and other smaller debris around the room. Similarly, houses that contain pets like cats and dogs are full of shed hair and pieces of food. For that, you need a vacuum cleaner that comes with a hair-catching attachment. Lastly, places with only adult activity contain dust and debris. For this, you need a vacuum cleaner that can catch the dust off carpet fibers as well as from the air for effective cleaning.

Some vacuum cleaners are specialized in cleaning wet debris, while others are suitable for dry cleaning. Therefore, the type of debris that you are expecting will determine the type of vacuum cleaner suitable for you.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

After you have evaluated your vacuum cleaner requirements, it is time to select a suitable product. There are many aspects that you need to consider, such as type of vacuum cleaner, power usage, durability, attachments, and features,

Type of vacuum cleaner:

The market is full of vacuum cleaners suitable for different scenarios. Some are good for using on thick carpets while others can be used to clean under the furniture. There are four types of vacuum cleaners that you can find:

Canister vacuum:

The most common type of vacuum cleaner is the canister vacuum. They have large in size and come with several attachments. The collection bin of these vacuum cleaners is also very spacious and doesn’t require you to empty it all the time. These vacuums have wheels under them, which means that you can drag the vacuum cleaner around without any effort. However, these vacuum cleaners have a lower suction power than others.

Upright vacuum:

Upright vacuum cleaners are commonly used in the USA. These vacuums have a higher suction power and are suitable for vacuuming a small house on a daily basis. Moreover, upright vacuum cleaners are suitable for houses with children and pets. Most of the Top-rated American-made vacuum cleaner manufacturers like Hoover and Bissel manufacture the best upright vacuum cleaners.

Cordless vacuum:

When you think about portable vacuum cleaners, you imagine a wireless device with suitable suction. This is exactly what cordless stick vacuum cleaners have to offer. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for vacuuming the stairs as you won’t get tangled in the long wires of the machine. Moreover, the handheld vacuum cleaners are also cordless and fall in the same category.

Robotic vacuum cleaners:

The advent of artificial intelligence has given us many useful robotic products. The Robot vacuum cleaner is one such machine. These devices are wireless, smart, small, and efficient. All you need is to tell it where to clean, and the robot will start vacuuming your room in no time. These modern vacuum cleaners can also be remote controlled through your smartphone. They ensure that you come back to a clean home all the time. Are you wondering which brand is making the best vacuum cleaner? The best robotic cleaners are manufacturer by Xiaomi.


No  “how to choose a vacuum cleaner” guide is incomplete without a features section. Basically, the features of a vacuum cleaner mean the suction power, durability, attachments, weight, automation, and storage capacity. These features need no justification, and you should be able to understand them right away.

For instance, if you know your vacuum cleaner requirements, you should look at the features section. This section will help you determine whether or not a product is suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a vacuum cleaner?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, don’t only fall for the price. You should determine the worth of a vacuum by checking its: weight, type, motor power, suction, and attachments.

 What is the best type of vacuum cleaner to buy?

Robot vacuum cleaners are the best because of their advanced features. Moreover, you don’t need to do vacuuming of the house if you own a robot vacuum.

How much should I spend on a vacuum?

Depending on your requirements, an average vacuum cleaner costs between $60 to $450.


Vacuum cleaners help clean your house efficiently. There are many models of vacuum cleaners in the market. Each is suitable for a specific scenario. Therefore, you should know your requirements before asking how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

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