How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last? (Average Lifespan)

Ever wonder how good it would be if everything lasted forever? In reality, it is never true because most of the machinery you buy dies at some point. Still, some appliances like vacuum cleaners tend to last for a very long time if treated with care. Even the best vacuum cleaner in the world comes with an expiry date. How long should a vacuum cleaner last depends upon how sensibly you use it.

How long should a vacuum cleaner last?

How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last?

According to consumer reports, the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is six to eight years. However, this reliability survey is based on actual testing of vacuum cleaners from reliable brands. This is also the reason why experts recommend you only to buy products from well-known manufactures like Hoover, Bissel, and Kirby.

The large manufacturers of vacuum cleaners not only produce durable products but also provide a warranty. Moreover, they only use high-quality material in their vacuums because each product represents the whole company. Furthermore, how you treat your vacuum cleaner also affects the lifespan.

Factors affecting the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners require adequate attention to perform with their full potential. As a matter of fact, a properly handled vacuum will even last longer than its expiry date. Following are the factors that determine how long should a vacuum cleaner last:


The durability of any product depends on who produced it. The lesser-known firms use various methods to maximize their profits. Unfortunately, the most common practice to earn the most is to spend less on quality. This is also the reason why you will notice that vacuum cleaners from small manufacturers have good looks and lots of labeling. On the contrary, renowned brands spend less on marketing and more on the product’s quality.

Large manufacturers like Bissel and Kirby trust their products. Therefore, they provide a limited warranty with their vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, these brands use only high-quality material in their products because they have a name to defend. If they compromise on the quality of their products, these brands will start losing their valuable and loyal customers.


Your usage of the vacuum cleaner is the most significant factor affecting its lifespan. Obviously, a machine that is used for five hours daily will have a shorter lifespan than the same machine used for 30 minutes every day. Moreover, some vacuum cleaners are suitable only for specific conditions. For example, the robotic vacuum cleaners are only suitable for indoor cleaning and that too on the carpet.

Your vacuum cleaner will work effectively only if you use it according to the company guidelines. If you try to exceed those limits, chances are that its service life will considerably decrease. Moreover, improperly used vacuum cleaners are not as effective as others. Therefore, you should only use the vacuum cleaner according to the given guidelines.


The only controllable factor to affect the vacuum’s lifespan is maintenance. You can’t control what goes on inside the machine, but you can ensure that the cleaner remains in workable conditions. The maintenance of a vacuum cleaner is straightforward. All you need to do is clean the brush and fans every now and then. Secondly, you should empty the vacuum bag regularly and never let it get filled more than three quarters.

For example, If you notice that your vacuum has developed a strange noise, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, try to find out what is causing the noise and try to fix it. You can also take professional help to maintain your vacuum cleaner by taking it to the electronics shop every few months.

How to increase the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that helps you clean your place. However, even the cleaner requires cleaning sometimes. Therefore, if you follow these steps, you can quickly increase the service life of your vacuum cleaner:

Empty the collection bag

Typical vacuum cleaners come with a bag that collects the debris from the filter. This bag also helps in generating suction power by creating a region of lower air pressure inside the vacuum cleaner. However, if this bag gets filled more than three quarters, the motor needs to draw more power to create the suction. Therefore, you should empty the vacuum bag regularly, before and after vacuuming the house.

Clean the filters

The air sucked by the vacuum cleaner passes through a filter made from a porous material. All the solid particles in the air are caught by this filter and collected by the vacuum bag. This filter becomes clogged and dirty over time. Thus, the vacuum needs to draw more power to force the air through this filter.

Therefore, you should clean the filter by dusting and lightly hitting it against the wall to unclog it. You can also use durable spray and vacuum cleaning spray to clean the filters. This operation should be performed every month to ensure the filter doesn’t get clogged with dust and debris.

Detangle the brushes

Vacuum cleaners use motorized brushes to loosen dust and debris from the fabric. These brushes get tangled after some time and don’t work as effectively. Therefore, you should check the brush during the monthly maintenance and detangle any bound brush hair.

Pick up the large material

Vacuum cleaners are effective against dust and smaller debris. The larger stuff like plastic bags, wrappers, toys, and pencils can clog the suction tube of the vacuum. Therefore, you should pick up the large debris in the room and avoid using a vacuum for cleaning such garbage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life of a vacuum cleaner?

According to consumer reports, the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is 6-8 years.

Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

Brand new vacuum cleaners are very expensive. Therefore, if your vacuum has minor faults like a broken belt, it is wise to get it repaired.

How do I know if my vacuum motor is bad?

The most common symptoms of the bad motor are lower suction power and unusual noises from the vacuum cleaner.


To wrap it up, vacuum cleaners have a long life, but they die out eventually. However, you can increase the lifespan of your vacuum by properly maintaining it. I hope this article has effectively answered your concerns about how long should a vacuum cleaner last.

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