Hoover VS. Shark Vacuum (Which Brand is Better)

Vacuum cleaners are no doubt the most important equipment for every household. Your carpet and floor care home to dirt, debris, pet hair, mess, pollens, and other pollutants. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a vacuum cleaner that provides the best overall cleaning experience according to your needs. In this regard, two major brands have successfully conquered the vacuum world. But the question remains, Hoover VS. Shark Vacuum, which is the better brand? Therefore, this article will help you get a deep insight into the brands so that you can make an intelligent purchase.

History of Hoover VS. Shark Vacuum

The history of any brand helps you understand the values and reliability. In this regard, Hoover is among the oldest vacuum cleaner brands globally. They launched their first product back in 1908 and have been producing reliable products ever since. Hoover’s first vacuum cleaner was made out of a tin box, fan, broomstick, and pillowcase. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Hoover paved the way for the invention of modern vacuum cleaners. 

On the contrary, Shark is a relatively new brand that introduced its first product in 1993. However, Shark is home to some of the latest vacuuming technology. They are the first to adopt innovative ideas for their products and make them public. For instance, Shark is one of the first brands to include a HEPA filter in its products. So, if you are searching for a modern vacuum, Shark is the go-to brand for everyone.

Hoover VS. Shark Vacuum: The Comparison

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Both Hoover and Shark are reliable vacuum brands with a huge number of loyal customers. Over the years, Hoover has established new reliability, durability, and performance standards in the customer’s hearts. Similarly, Shark attracts old and new customers with their fancy products, innovative ideas, and unmatched performance. In order to choose a winner, it would be best to compare the two brands head-to-head in terms of various factors. 


Hoover has been known to provide simple, sleek yet effective product designs throughout history. All their products have a simple design that ensures user comfort and cleaning efficiency in various scenarios. For instance, the long wand of Hoover’s vacuum cleaners provides uninterrupted access to over the head spots and walls. Similarly, the wand can be tilted at an angle to efficiently clean under the furniture and hidden spots. 

However, it doesn’t mean that Shark lacks the design required for an efficient cleaning experience. Shark includes a fiber brush roller in all their vacuums. This brush gently scrapes off the dirt from thick carpets without damaging the carpet fibers. Shark uses carefully engineered designs in its products to ensure minimum weight and maximum efficiency. So, Shark’s designs are usually appealing to young customers and people who compliment the futuristic looks in their gadgets.

Result: In the design category, it is a draw between Hoover and Shark as both brands provide equally effective designs that are appealing to various users. In short, it is up to you whether you want a modern Shark look in the vacuum or Hoover’s classic sleek design.

Suction Power

The suction power of any vacuum cleaner determines its performance and reliability. Shark and Hoover use different technologies to ensure maximum output in their products. Shark uses the modern lift-away technology in all its vacuum cleaners. This technology is equally suitable for carpets and bare floors. Moreover, Shark vacuum cleaners are known for their consistent suction power. According to legend, Shark vacuum cleaners provide the same suction power whether it is freshly unboxed or several years old. 

Similarly, Hoover’s vacuums use various technologies across their products. The most famous of these technologies is Hoover’s signature cyclonic technology that uses a rotary motor in the brush roll to remove even the hardened dirt from rugs and floors carefully. However, Hoover’s vacuums start losing suction power after 3-4 years of continuous use. Such durability is more than enough to expect from a premium-class vacuum brand.

When testing the suction power of Hoover and Shark vacuums on various surfaces, the following results were obtained. Both vacuums were equally efficient on hardwood floors, tiles, marbles, and carpets. However, a significant difference was noted in the case of shagged carpets. This is the turning point for the review as Shark vacuums were equally efficient on all surfaces, whereas Hoover vacuum failed on the shagged carpet.

Result: The suction power award goes to Shark as it offers consistent performance throughout its lifespan without any fading. Moreover, the Shark vacuum cleaner is equally efficient on all surfaces, including thick carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, marbles, and shagged carpets.

Types of Vacuums

With time, new technologies have evolved vacuum cleaners into various types. Today, you can find steam vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, canister vacuums, cordless vacuums, robotic vacuums, and many others in the market. The major brands need to provide as many vacuum types as possible to stay ahead of new competitors. Fortunately, both Hoover and Shark have a wide array of products suitable for different customers. 

The right selection of vacuum cleaners is a critical element for any customer. Some vacuums are suitable for floors while others are suitable for carpets. Similarly, the automatic robotic vacuums free you from the worry of vacuuming your house daily. So, it is best to first evaluate your requirements before residing with a particular vacuum type.

Once you have decided on the vacuum type, I recommend that you check out the catalog of both brands as they have equally efficient products. However, Shark gets the upper hand in terms of modern technology and looks. On the contrary, Hoover is the unchallenged king of simple and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. 

Result: The variety of vacuum cleaners award is a draw between the two brands. Both of them have almost all the different types of vacuums on their list.


The Maneuverability of any vacuum cleaner means how easy it is to move across the room. In this regard, different brands incorporate different technologies in their vacuums. However, some brands fail in this sector and are thus ignored by the customers. Fortunately, both Hoover and Shark vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver on various surfaces.

Shark uses modern lift-away technology in its brush roller. The technology allows you to move the vacuum cleaner by rotating the brush on the surface, forming a virtual wheel. So, you will face no problems when using a vacuum cleaner on carpets or bare floors. 

Similarly, Hoover uses floor-scent technology in its vacuum cleaners. This technology uses the power of the cyclone to drive the vacuum cleaner in the desired direction. As no physical contact is included in the operation, so you don’t have to carry the vacuum’s weight throughout the room.

Result: In the case of maneuverability, Shark gets the upper hand over Hoover. It is because Shark’s vacuums are lightweight, and the lift-away technology further aids in moving the vacuum across different surfaces.


Like any other equipment, vacuum cleaners also require constant maintenance to keep them in optimum performance. The maintenance includes cleaning the brushes, emptying the dust bags, and maintaining the dust filters. Moreover, sometimes the vacuum’s hose gets blocked that impacts its performance. 

In this regard, Shark uses advanced features to ensure minimum maintenance cost and burden on its customers. For instance, Shark uses permanent HEPA filters in its products. You can wash the HEPA filter every now and then with clean water and alcohol to prevent it from clogging. Similarly, the robotic vacuums by Shark are self-maintaining and remove any debris sticking to the brushes. So, it is very easy to clean a shark vacuum.

On the contrary, Hoover is more of a classical vacuum brand. It requires the user to regularly clean the brush, unclog the hose, and maintain the filters. For instance, the HEPA filter in Hoover vacuums lasts for up to 12-months. However, you need to replace the filter with a new one after it is clogged. Otherwise, the vacuum won’t provide optimum suction power and may even overheat if used for extended periods.

Result: The maintenance cost of a vacuum cleaner can be very expensive on your wallet and on the schedule. However, Shark is the leading brand whose products require little to no effort on your end. So, Shark is the winner in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Shark or Hoover?

Shark and Hoover are both major and reputed vacuum cleaner brands globally. All their products are high-quality and reliable. However, if you prefer a modern look in the vacuum, then Shark is the best brand for you. Otherwise, Hoover is the home to some of the best-performing vacuum cleaners.

How to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner?

Shark vacuum cleaners are usually self-maintaining and don’t require much cleaning effort. For instance, the brush roller is cleaned automatically, and so is the vacuum’s dust filter. However, it is best to blow the HEPA filter and rinse it with clean water at least once a month.

Does Hoover produce robotic vacuums?

Yes, Hoover’s Quest vacuums are robotic vacuums. These vacuums are self-maintaining, self-charging, and automatic cleaners. All you need is to set up the house’s map using the smartphone App, and the vacuum cleaner will take care of the rest for you.


Shark and Hoover are two major vacuum cleaner brands globally. All their products are reliable, premium quality, and best-performing, among others. Therefore, people are often confused about Hoover VS. Shark vacuums for their selection. So, in this article, I have drawn an unbiased comparison between the two brands to solve this argument once and for all; I hope you like it.

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