Dyson Vacuum Not Turning On: Why & How to Fix

Dyson is no doubt the pioneer of some of the world’s best vacuum cleaners. Whether it is cordless, upright, or canister vacuums, Dyson is the trendsetter for each and every one of them. People prefer this brand for its reliability, durability, and top-notch performance. However, even such durable vacuum cleaners can sometimes malfunction. If you are experiencing the Dyson vacuum not turning on problem, I guarantee that this article will help you out.

Dyson boasts about their reliable vacuums, but they are still just machines. So, if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not, don’t panic; there is still hope to fix it yourself. The good thing about different Dyson vacuums is that they are programmed to help diagnose. You can quickly identify the problem if you take a closer look at the machine’s symptoms. 

Most common Dyson vacuum not turning on problems

Dyson Vacuum Not Turning On: Why & How to Fix
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Dyson vacuum cleaners may stop working when you press the power button. Moreover, some vacuums may lose their performance with the passage of time. Fortunately, there are several explanations as to why these problems occur and their fixes. Here are some of the most common issues:

Dyson vacuum not turning on after a few minutes:

Dyson vacuums are programmed to prevent potential damages automatically. In this regard, an overheating vacuum is the biggest cause of those automatic shutdowns. Overheating is caused due to several reasons. For instance, one of the air passages may be clogged with dust or some object. So, the vacuum’s motor has to draw more power to start the auction process. As a result, the motor starts overheating, and the vacuum shuts itself down.

The fix:

You can diagnose this problem by physically examining the different parts of your device. 

  • Open your Dyson vacuum cleaner and take out the filter.
  • Use a blower to remove all the dust from the filter. It would be best to blow clean the filter outside the house.
  • Wipe the filter with a wet cloth till it is completely clean. 
  • Similarly, unplug the hose from the vacuum cleaner and check if something is blocking the airflow. 
  • You may use a thin stick to unclog the hose, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
  • Once you have cleaned the vacuum cleaner, leave it to dry for at least 24-hours before testing your vacuum.
  • Finally, if you have a cordless vacuum, don’t start it right away. 
    • Unplug the charging station from the power outlet and wait for 5-seconds.
    • Plug the charging station and place your cordless Dyson vacuum on it.
    • Press the power button for 20-seconds.
    • Now you can use your vacuum cleaner normally.

The blinking red light problem:

Dyson vacuum cleaners have color-coded LEDs on them. The different patterns of the red light help you identify the major problems. For instance, if the red light blinks 12 times before turning off, it means that the vacuum’s motor is problematic. On the contrary, Dyson cordless vacuum not turning on is due to a problematic battery pack if the red light blinks more than 12 times. In any case, it is best to examine the LED before taking your vacuum to the nearest service center.

The fix:

  • Suppose the light blinks 12 times on your Dyson vacuum, then it’s a problem with the motor.
  • Open your device with a Philips head screwdriver, and take a look at the motor.
  • The most common reason is that a foreign object or dust jams the motor.
  • Remove the battery pack and clean the motor with a fiber cloth and brush. 
  • If you used a cleaning agent, it would be best to let it dry for 12-24 hours.
  • If the issue persists, the motor requires replacement, so take it to a service center.
  • In case the light blinks more than 12 times, it is a faulty battery.
  • You can replace the battery pack with a new one without any professional help.
  • However, always dispose of the old battery properly, and avoid puncturing it.

The blue light problem:

The blue light on the side of your vacuum cleaner refers to less critical problems. There are two reasons for the blue light, and you can identify the problem depending on which light is on. For instance, the blue light either means that the filter cover is loose or the device is out of battery. In any case, it is best to check both the problems before trying your vacuum cleaner.

The fix:

  • For the filter cover issue, open the filter cover of your vacuum cleaner with a Philips head screwdriver.
  • Take out the filter and wipe it with a fiber cloth. Moreover, wipe the filter seal and cover to remove any dirt preventing the proper contact of the cover.
  • Carefully place the filter and the cover back in the device and tighten it properly till it is sealed.
  • In the second case, you are not providing enough recharge time to your vacuum cleaner.
  • Place it on the charging point and let it recharge for at least 2-hours before using the vacuum cleaner.
  • However, if the problem persists, you may have a faulty battery that requires replacement.

Vacuum not turning on even after cleaning the filter:

Dyson uses advanced HEPA filters in its vacuum cleaners. The filter has numerous small holes that can block up to 0.03-micron particles. However, the filter may get clogged over time. This causes the vacuum cleaner to overheat or completely stop working. In most cases, cleaning the filter fixes the problem. However, if you just tried that fix, here is what you can do.

The fix:

  • The Chances are that you didn’t clean the filter properly, or there is still some moisture in it.
  • Open the cover of your vacuum cleaner and take out the filter as well as other airflow components.
  • Rinse all the parts with clean water and a cleaning reagent and let them dry for at least 24-hours.
  • If the problem persists, perhaps it is time to replace the HEPA filter.
  • You can purchase a replacement filter for your Dyson vacuum from any local and online vacuum store.
  • Make sure that the filter is tightly sealed with the cover, or else you may encounter the blue light issue.

Ball vacuum not working:

Dyson ball vacuum not turning on the problem is mainly due to airflow blockage. The vacuum is optimized to prevent overheating, so it doesn’t work at all. In this case, a blocked filter, clogged hose, or jammed brush roll may cause the problem. Therefore, it would be best to clean all these parts before using your vacuum cleaner.

The fix:

  • Use a Philips head screwdriver to open your vacuum and take it apart.
  • Clean all the parts with a blower to remove all dirt and debris. It is recommended to perform this step outside.
  • Rinse the filter, hose, and brush roll with clean water and a cleaning detergent.
  • Let them dry for 48-hours as the brush roll may take a lot of time to dry.
  • Assemble the vacuum cleaner without missing any screws or parts.
  • Your ball vacuum cleaner should now start working as normal.

The dead vacuum problem:

Dyson vacuums require a consistent power supply to function. However, if the supplied voltage is not according to the machine’s requirement, it won’t turn on. In this case, there is a problem with the vacuum’s cord, or your electric supply doesn’t meet the requirements. Similarly, if your cordless vacuums seem dead, it may be a problem with the battery pack.

The fix:

  • In the case of the Dyson corded vacuum, it is most likely due to a damaged power cord. 
  • Carefully examine the cord for any damage, cracks, burn marks, or rupture. 
  • If you notice any of these symptoms, your power cord needs replacement.
  • It is best to get professional help as the process requires removing and soldering the new power cord.
  • The second reason is that your electric supply doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • Dyson is an American brand designed for a 110V/60Hz power supply. So, if your country has different standards, you need to use a voltage converter with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Lastly, the cordless vacuums don’t work without a charged battery. 
  • If the cordless vacuum shows no signs of life even after recharging, you need to replace the battery pack.

Dyson vacuum not charging:

Dyson cordless vacuums depend on a battery pack for their operation. If there is a problem with the battery or if it isn’t recharged, the vacuum won’t turn on. So, if you are facing such a problem, there is most likely a problem with the battery or the charging point. 

The fix:

  • Dyson vacuums have a battery life of 2-3 years. Moreover, life also depends on how frequently you recharge it.
  • If you notice the battery doesn’t last as long or is completely dead, it is due to a faulty battery.
  • In this case, it is best to replace the battery pack with a new one. Fortunately, Dyson batteries are available in all local and online stores.
  • Secondly, if your new cordless vacuum doesn’t work, you might need to test the charger.
  • Physically examine the charging point as well as its power cord for any signs of damage or rupture.
  • If it isn’t damaged, you can test it by placing another Dyson rechargeable vacuum cleaner on it. 
  • If the problem persists, replace the charging point’s power cord. Otherwise, it is a faulty charger, and you need to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner?

Resetting your cordless vacuum can fix a lot of issues. Here’s is how to reset it:

  • Disconnect the charging point from the power outlet and wait for 5-seconds.
  • Plug the charging point into the outlet, and place your cordless vacuum on it.
  • Press the power button of your vacuum for 20-seconds.
  • This will reset your vacuum cleaner, and now you can use it as normal.

Why isn’t my vacuum cleaner sucking anymore?

Loss of suction power in Dyson vacuum is a common issue that occurs over time. Several issues contribute to this problem, like a blocked hose, clogged filter, a leak in the vacuum’s casing, a jammed motor, and a faulty motor. You need to test these parts one by one and replace them if any of them is permanently damaged.

Do all Dyson vacuums have a HEPA filter?

Yes, all modern Dyson vacuums follow the latest US guidelines that require a HEPA filter in them. However, if you have an older model, it probably doesn’t have a HEPA filter. In any case, it is best to check the product specification to see if your Dyson has a HEPA or not.


Dyson is the largest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world. They produce almost every type of vacuums for both commercial and residential usage. However, sometimes the users face the Dyson vacuum not turning on the problem. This article provides a detailed guide about what causes the problems and how you can fix them.

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  1. Thank you!! This worked! I got a sock stuck in the carpet attachment (electric) on my cordless Dyson while vacuuming under a bed. I thought the motor burned out or overheated, but it wouldn’t turn back on. I knew it wasn’t a dead battery. I didn’t notice the GREEN light flashing at first because it flashed really slowly. But when I noticed, I knew it was telling me something, so I searched online and found this very helpful page!
    I detached all detachable parts and cleaned the filter and saw nothing peculiar. Followed your instructions: Unplugged the charger, plugged it back in, placed only the motor and battery part on it (’cause that’s all that’s needed and i hadn’t reattached all the externals yet) and held the button for 20 seconds. Removed it from charger and it worked!! I reattached all parts and continued on my merry way with the delightful chores. 🙂


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