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We buy a lot of stuff for study and assessment. We aim to provide you with the most updated knowledge possible. We put a huge amount of effort into providing you with useful information about the items we review on our site. We aim to provide neutral, thorough reviews that provide you with all of the information you need to evaluate if a product we recommend is suitable for you.


The Federal Trade Commission issued new disclosure compliance standards in 2015.

These guidelines are in place to guarantee that readers and viewers of digital media are informed if a blogger or publisher is sponsored, promoted, or affiliated with a third party. Readers want to know if the content publisher profits from sharing a link or product.

Please assume the following regarding links and articles on this site, in accordance with FTC guidelines:

Any/all of the links on VacuumCrunch are affiliate links, which means that they get a little commission if you buy something via them.


We have joined Amazon Services LLC Associates as an affiliate to help support our business and this website. This program pays us a small commission for connecting to goods on and related websites. Every time you purchase the product via one of the hyperlinks on our blog, we receive a tiny compensation at no expense to you.

We earn money from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. Simply said, we receive a little fee from Amazon, which allows us to pay the cost of running the server and invest more time in creating better stuff to bring to you. These relationships have no bearing on the prices of items sold by these retailers.

At VaccumCrunch, we take legitimacy and reputation extremely seriously. While we maintain total editorial independence and only promote goods we believe are best for our customers, we do earn income on sales made through affiliate connections.

The views expressed on the site are those of our team of writers, who may occasionally express their own views. While we make every effort to cover as many vacuum goods and elements as possible, the site does not contain all of the available products or deals.

When you choose to buy items through our links, we are grateful, and we strive to be transparent about the products for which we earn money.

Our writers have written each and every piece on this site. We have never taken money in return for a positive review. A brand may occasionally send us complimentary items or products, and we will occasionally discuss what they provided me. We do it because we wish to or because they have politely requested us to. Any good or negative thoughts we share in these blogs are all our own.

The VacuumCrunch team is proud of the fact that we comply with the industry’s highest standards of ethics. You can rest assured that our intentions are guided only by the quality, usage and reality of the product not by any other motivation.


Prices and availability are correct as of the specified date/time and are subject to change. This product’s price and availability will be determined by the information published on or an associated site at the time of purchase.

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